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Why is it time to give up on traditional banking processes?

They’re costly

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They go on… for some time

Despite increased resources dedicated to the process, averaging onboarding rose from 24 days in 2016 to 26 days in 2017.


They affect clients’ (dis)satisfaction

According to a survey conducted by Reftiniv, 85% of corporate clients have not had a good KYC experience, and 12% changed banks as a result. KYC is a process that welcomes users, meaning it has quite an impact on their first impressions. Stats show that customers are nearly three times more likely to leave a bank during the first 90 days of opening an account there.

Transforming KYC processes through smart automation, using an IBM Digital Business Automation platform

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Employees are swamped with administrative work, with no time for commercial activities

Manual data entry implies less efficiency and a greater possibility for operating errors, as well as a lack of insight into the state and quality of data at hand.

As opposed, Comtrade KYC is all about

  • An identical process for every client: from identification to account opening
  • A unique interface for all collaborators
  • Systemic task management and an improved work collaboration

  • Automation of data entry, through online integration with the central banking system, registers and external databases (Business Registers Agency, Consumer credit reporting agency, CUBE…)
  • Shortening the process time by up to 12 times
  • A fast implementation of new regulations

  • Automatic rules applying (risk segmentation, AML, PEP, FATCA etc.) for an improved control over KYC processes
  • Ongoing activities monitoring
  • Possibility of tracking efficiency using KPIs

For more details on the solution, download our whitepaper.

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Comtrade KYC is a solution that cuts down account opening time, reduces processing costs and ensures compliance with KYC guidelines, improving customer experience with every step of banking interaction.

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