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Imagine if all those manual, repetitive processes, done according to set procedures and rules, could be handled by a software robot instead of your employees! This way - with a robot being capable to work 24 hours, 7 days a week - everything is done much faster and more efficient, with no pauses or errors, and your employees can devote their time to strategic activities of more business value.

What is Comtrade Software Robot?

Comtrade software robot is based on the RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology. Our team has had a great success in developing new software robots using platforms of global RPA tech vendors. These robots have become quite popular in many organizations, and it is no wonder - they allow for a significant productivity growth and cost decrease, resulting in a greater end users satisfaction.

What can a software robot do?

Here are some ideal processes for Comtrade software robot to tackle:

Ikonica Repetitivni procesi_Software-Robots-final-01

Repetitive processes based on a rule

Ikonica Procesi koji se intenzivno izvršavaju_Software-Robots-final

Intensive processes prone to human error

Ikonica Procesi koji su skupi_Software-Robots-final

Expensive processes, due to manual work

Ikonica Procesi rada_Software-Robots-final

Processes involving structured data and formats

Ikonica Procesi sa više aplikacija_Software-Robots-final

Processes involving multiple applications

Possible working areas

Finance and accounting

General Accounting, Regulatory reporting, Processing invoices etc.


Processing information, help filling in various forms etc.

Human resources

Source and screen candidates, onboarding, workforce scheduling etc.

Customer support

Updating information, billing, compliance reporting, notifications etc.


Invoice and purchase orders processing, keeping track of requests etc.


Testing applications, end user support, infrastructure running etc.

Information sources robot can use

  • Excel
  • ERP systems
  • Desktop applications
  • CRM systems
  • Internet browsers
  • Core software systems
  • Outlook and other mailbox applications
  • PDF and Word files
  • Various databases

Free feasibility study

Not sure if the process you want automated is suitable for a Comtrade software robot? You can make sure simply by filling in a survey – our team will analyze your answers and prepare a feasibility study.


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