Comtrade Deposits

Automation that earns clients’ trust

Client deposits are one of the key sources of funds for lending businesses. Unstructured processes, with a lot of manual operations and lack of transparency can lead to cost increase and reputation problems. In exchange for trust and money depositing, clients are looking for respect in form of operational excellence.

Facts and figures


Business importance

Deposits from clients – retail, SME, corporate - represent almost 2/3 of total passive side of banks’ balance sheet


Operational importance

More than 250.000 term deposit deals on the Serbian market are demanding operational excellence and straightforward processes


Legislation importance

This field of activity has zero-mistake policy and it is regulated through several systematically significant laws; carrying burden for strictness and importance in financial flows

Our solution

Comtrade Deposit solution is bringing the best practice in deposit management closer to you.

  • Orchestrated process and automatic controls.
  • User-friendly, organized and intuitive working environment.
  • Clear process flow and To-Do lists for participants.
  • Overview of employee performance through quantitative and qualitative indicators.

Process flow


Solution portfolio:

  • Retail deposits
  • SME deposits
  • Corporate deposits
  • Institutional deposits (banks, insurance, bankruptcy...)

Key functional capabilities

  • Straightforward deposit process
  • Automatic product catalogue
  • Automated client data retrieval
  • All necessary KYC, AML and Fraud verifications
  • Clear and transparent non-standard offer process and routing between decision-making levels
  • Automated document creation
  • Automated bookings and reporting
  • High transparency and visibility
  • Electronic archiving

Key benefits

  • Improved user experience
  • Faster request fulfillment with space for up-sales and x-sales
  • Faster Time-to-Market
  • Increased process transparency
  • Improved time to decision for non-standard offers
  • Zero-tolerance approach to operational mistakes
  • Integration maturity

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