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Prevent your valuable employees from leaving

Did you know that, in many industries, half of business value and results is generated by 20% of the employees? The most important strategic resource of a company are the workers – especially the most talented ones – which is why it is of utmost importance to hire the best candidates, motivate them and stimulate their growth, as well as work to prevent the best ones leaving.

What is Comtrade Data Science HR Pack?

Comtrade Data Science HR Pack allows you to recognize strategically most important employees with the highest probability of leaving the company in time, and do your best to stop them from leaving. This solution is a machine learning model that predicts employees most likely to leave in the next six months; it is developed to help you better understand the employee structure, their careers, as well as to reduce company attrition rate.

Creating a personalized system

Through the model development, our team discovers the causal relationship between certain events and employees’ characteristics and their decision to leave the company in the past. After that, we train the model using the historic data, and create a system to predict likely future leavings.     For detailed information about the solution, download the brochure.

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