Cognitive Services

Artificial intelligence for an intelligent business

What are cognitive services?

Cognitive services release the full potential of artificial intelligence, using its ever-increasing power to improve your business on a daily basis. We can help you use more intelligent business apps: with our cognitive services, your apps and systems can be able to see, hear, talk, search through and understand information and events processed - a lot like humans can.

Your trustworthy partner

Our team is here to help you every step of the way: we will analyze your needs and customer requests and recommend the most suitable cognitive services for your business. Rely on us as your partner and consultant, and be sure we will develop and deploy the right solution for you.

Types of cognitive services

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Examples of our services in action

  • Using computer vision to detect objects in photos
  • Face recognition based on a photo or a video
  • Extracting relevant information from text documents
  • Creating chatbots to converse with end users
  • Sentiment analysis of customer support messages
  • Text-to-speech conversion, translation and voice recognition

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Marko Jovanovic

Business Development Manager