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Why is big data important?

Is your company overwhelmed by an abundance of data coming from system logs, files, inventories and many other places? You are not alone: more than 56% of businesses do not have the capacity to extract value from big data and unlock its full potential. However, this capacity is becoming increasingly important: the data just keeps piling up with the growth of social media, IoT and many other technology advancements, and it is only set to continue growing in the foreseeable future.

How we can help you

Comtrade SI specialists can help your business handle big data more efficiently by:

Defining key steps to move from business monitoring to business insight

Optimizing stages based on Big Data Business Model Maturity Index

Defining big data architecture and selecting the best technology combination

Installing the solution platforms and integrating data

Developing data and scoring models, testing end-to-end use cases solutions

Big data business model



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Turn numbers into insights

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Competitive edge

Leverage big data for a competitive advantage

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Enterprise grade solutions for a powerful business

Our solutions

  • Big Data Maturity level and Roadmap Definition
  • Identifying New Revenue Streams based on Big Data
  • Proactive Customer Care
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Comtrade data services at a glance

If you need to:

  • Setup organization for data governance
  • Access quality of data sources
  • Define logical data warehouse architecture
  • Select among technologies and vendors
  • Use and adapt industry data models
  • Improve data warehousing and BI reports
  • Design effective information visualization
  • Assure Just in Time information delivery
  • Get business value using advanced algorithms
  • Define Big Data Roadmap and use cases

Increase Customer Satisfaction by Becoming Proactive

Use the power of your data to proactively engage and resolve support issues before customers even detect them.

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Use Your Data Creatively and Generate New Revenue

Identify New Revenue Streams Using Existing (Big) Data Sources in Your Company

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Our experts

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Srdjan Mladjenović

Srdjan Mladjenovic

Business Development Director