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Comtrade System Integration is a part of Comtrade Group, a company with 30 years of proven software development and IT distribution excellence, more than 2000 employees and operations across 32 companies in 15 countries in Europe, North America and Asia.   With a vast amount of knowledge and experience, as well as devoted employees, our company is acting as the Group’s leading force through innovation, excellence, and providing clients with up-to-date, tailor-made IT software solutions.

Our parts of the planet

Previously focused on the Adriatic region, with offices in Serbia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Comtrade System Integration is now also present in Central and East Europe, constantly growing and expanding.

Comtrade System

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Letališka cesta 29b,
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: +386 81 605 200
E-mail: info.si@comtrade.com

Comtrade System
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Džemala Bijedića 179,
71000 Bosnia i Herzegovina
Phone: +387 33 773 500
E-mail: info.si.bih@comtrade.com

Comtrade System

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Savski nasip 7,
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381 11 201 56 00
E-mail: info.rs@comtrade.com

Comtrade System

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Srete Mladenovića bb,
34000 Kragujevac, Serbia
Phone: +381 34 300 945
E-mail: itss.office-kg@comtrade.com

People behind the codes and e-mails

We employ more than 300 software engineers, computer and data scientists, but with our people, it’s never about the quantity – it’s about the passion, the drive and the love for the job. Our colleagues are workers and dreamers at the same time: it’s a rare combination, but one that allows them to create highly innovative solutions while also wrapping up the project in due time.

We choose them wisely so they would choose us, year after year.

Two main faces of our expertise

Our position of a multivendor allows us to always be a step ahead: a one-stop-shop for most companies. In our work, we leverage latest technology, our deep domain expertise and strong partnership with global vendors such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, VMWare, DellEMC, HP, Cisco and others. 

Throughout the years we’ve also developed custom applications, stand-alone service-oriented solutions used to address a particular problem. Our strength lays in the areas of analytics, AI, machine learning, business process management, as well as infrastructure and hybrid cloud.

“There are companies working with well-known clients, and there’s those working with cutting-edge technology. Here, I’m lucky enough to do both.”

Ivan Milojević

Senior Lead Engineer

“There’s so much more to a job than completing tasks. We do what we love in a friendly, open and supportive environment, which translates to the quality of our performance.”

Bojana Gnjato

Delivery Deputy Director

“Large systems are prone to rigidity, but we have always found ways to combine strength with flexibility, adapting fast so we can stay on top of our game.”

Jelena Đurić Ilić

Integration Team Lead/h5>

Let’s partner up!

We demonstrate a track record of returning clients in banking, telecommunications, public sector and other areas. Our clients range from public institutions, international banks and other enterprises, all the way to global and regional telecommunication providers.   Find out more about why CTSI is your partner of choice.

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